Food and Hospitality Oman

13th International Exhibition of Food & Beverage, Food Processing Technology, Kitchen & Catering Equipment, Packaging Systems, HORECA Furniture and Related Services

15-17 October 2018 | Oman Convention & Exhibition Centre

Exhibition Hours: 10:00 a.m. — 7:00 p.m.

Conference overview

Evaluating and improving food safety environment and developing the Sultanate's food safety for the future

Food safety and quality have become essential components for the protection of public health, economic development. Food safety has become a major concern world-wide due to the increased incidence of food borne diseases affecting millions of people every year with many dying as a result. The Sultanate has taken effective and efficient measures to safeguard public health and strengthen consumer safety.

Food production challenges are and will continue to be daunting especially for desert countries such as Oman and in order to solve this challenge, Oman is 'seriously' considering proposals to carry out farming abroad in order to ensure food security. The increased international food trade, changes in agriculture production, food processing, and consumer demand for wholesome safe food have led to new food safety challenges which have impacted the food safety systems

Food safety in Oman can be enhanced by addressing the following challenges:
  1. Enhancing domestic and imported food inspection by giving extensive training to inspectors

  2. Increasing laboratory capacity and providing staff training – Building research institutions for food safety and quality research that supports laboratory capacity, surveillance, and data analysis

  3. Foodborne surveillance systems, and

  4. Scientific research to support policies and regulations.

Food Safety Oman 2017 will provide an avenue for the exchange of ideas and strategies among policy makers and various stakeholders in the Sultanate on issues relating to food policy and regulations taking into account the implications and the legitimate expectations of consumers, i.e. safety, healthy and nutritious. The theme of the conference depicts the present need of a food secure nation in Oman and the urgency to place prized attention to food safety in the Sultanate.

The two day conference will attract experts from food and beverage (F&B) manufacturers, processors, producers, retailers, Catering & restaurant services, packaging and processing technology providers, vendors and government representatives to discuss the latest policies regulations, innovative approaches and technological advancements for assurance of food safety and quality in the Sultanate.

Attending Food Safety Oman 2017 is a fast way for you to increase your knowledge and technical competency and for your business to establish a reputation for food safety and quality. Food safety doesn't just affect customers; it affects your company and bottom line. Imagine the years of experience you'll tap into when you listen to a stellar lineup of subject matter expert speakers from the food safety spectrum.

Food Safety Oman 2017 conference provides an opportunity for those with different food safety responsibilities to learn, network, and see others' perspectives. Speakers, with varying degrees of expertise in a variety of food safety fields, moderate the technical components of their presentations so the audience as a whole gains useful "take home" messages.
  • "Food Safety Oman was a perfect conference with varieties. It has contributed in knowledge addition and discussed the best practices in food safety." - Sami Bin Khalfan Al Wahaibi, Assistant Director - Hygiene & Food Control,Muscat Municipality | "I am confident, that all participants came away from this conference with new ideas and a deeper understanding of how to promote food safety in our individual everyday tasks and assignments." - Soren Bo Madsen, Technical Officer - Food Safety, World Health Organization | "The conference served as a unique opportunity to share ideas and explore solutions, involving regulatory bodies, industry and experts in the field of food safety." - Abdul Rashid, Group Chief Executive Officer, Pulseberry Health Consultants Group | "One of the few must attend shows. In an era of too many conferences with too little focus, Food Safety Oman Conference stands out as one of the few must-attend events. If you don't walk out of this conference with actionable ideas to improve your local Food Safety Program, you weren’t paying attention." - Eng. Joyce Abboud, General Coordinator - Food Safety Campaign, Ministry of Public Health - Lebanon | "My experience at the Food Safety conference was great and look forward working with Omanexpo on future projects." - Salma Bani, Senior Strategic Planner at Planning Directorate, Ministry of Municipality Affairs and Urban Planning - Bahrain | "Food Safety Oman was an experience and a good learning platform for me." - Dushyantha Tittawella, Assistant Director Food & Beverage, Grand Hyatt Muscat | "I certainly enjoyed the Food Safety Conference organized by Omanexpo. Thank you again for giving me the opportunity to share my experience in food safety in the conference and looking forward to the second edition of the conference." - Oswald Jochheim, Executive Chef, Oman Convention & Exhibition Centre | "The event was informative / detailed & also an eye opener in aspects of Food Safety." - Sandeep Keshav, Operations Manager, Al Maya International | "Best platform for benefiting from Tacit and Explicit knowledge in the field of Food safety." - Anil Kumar, Food and Beverage Controller, Khimji Ramdas | "It has been a very interesting and valuable experience attending the Food Safety Oman conference. The 2 days of conference was fully packed with information that has really enhanced my knowledge in the field of food safety and I have learnt so much from all of the constructive input and feedback from the participants. In addition, the conference was well-organized and the timing commitment for each speaker was superb." - Nujood Al Muqahwi, Head Imported food unit, Ministry of Health, Bahrain | "Food Safety Oman was well organized, high skill presenters and very detailed papers. The panel discussions were very active and helped to solve some problems related to the food safety industry in the Sultanate. In general, I gained a good outcome from this conference" - Jokha Al Aamry, Food Safety Specialist, Ministry of Health, Oman | "It was our privilege to take part in such a high-scale event and share McDonald’s best practices in food safety along with prominent members in the industry." - Abdulhadi Helal Lutfi Abuzahra, Director, Quality Assurance,McDonald’s | "Food Safety Oman conference was very well-organized and we all enjoyed by sharing information and experiences with other people." - Razeen Hameed, Superintendent – Department of Nutrition & Dietetics- Catering Unit,Sultan Qaboos University Hospital | "A great opportunity to network with people interested in food safety in Oman." - Richard Sprenger, Chairman, Highfield Awarding Body for Compliance (HABC) | "NSF team was delighted to participate and contribute to the Food Safety Oman Conference September 2016 in Muscat. Our participation led to multiple opportunities to build relationships with local authorities and our existing and potential clients. The speakers shared their local and international experiences and knowledge with high professionalism. An engaging and dynamic event where NSF as Official Certification Partner will be happy to participate in the future again." - Christian Kurdy, Managing Director Middle-East,NSF International


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